Ferrari 458 Italia (2011)

Ferrari 458 Italia (2011)


Not just an instant classic, but also an instant legend, Ferrari more than hit it out of the park when they introduced the 458 in 2010.

Its a common refrain with Ferraris, but the moment the 458 made to market, it set a new standard for all other to try and catch. And before anyone could come close to the 458, it would be years.

Today, the 458 was replaced with the turbo charged 488, making the 458 the last normally aspirated V8 Ferrari you can buy for possibly a long time.

This car comes equipped with its best-in-class double clutch F1 transmission, and was the first of the big name supercars to reach 560+ HP.

The best way to describe this car is to say it feels like a motorcycle with 4 wheels. It is shockingly fast.

This particular example is from 2011, is essentially a one owner car and has just over 15,000 miles.

Loaded with carbon fiber, automatic lift, upgraded steering with gear indicator lights, supple leather throughout, the ideal Red/Tan color combo, the larger upgraded wheels and much much more. The option list is full!

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