Ferrari 550 Maranello (2000)

Ferrari 550 Maranello (2000)


When it comes to the automotive world, Ferrari are the undisputed standard bearer. From a design perspective they're trend setters. From a technical perspective they are at the pinnacle of innovation. When it comes to admiration no marque comes close to their following, and Ferrari backs this up with undisputed pedigree. 

As a marque, they have more racetrack successes than any other marque, were the first car company to break the 200mph barrier with their legendary F40 in 1987, and have been awarded patents like no other.

And when it comes to collecting, Ferrari once again lead the way.

The era of choice is of course the "Enzo Era", which pretty much translates to the 50's and 60's. Ferrari's from this era will fetch well into the millions regardless of model.

But taking a closer look, it's the front engined V12s we all love and want.

In fact, the Ferrari 250 GTO has set records at auction reaching well over $30,000,000.

And as you progress down that lineage, leaving the 60's and into the 70's, we begin to see the same pattern of rising values with the legendary Ferrari Daytona. Even its sister car, the 2+2 365 GT4 has climbed to values over $300,000.

And as we continue into the 80's and 90's cars such as the Boxer and Testarossa are no longer "bargains".

So, it stands to reason that the Ferrari 550 Maranello that we have here, will not only continue that trend, but considering its the last V12 front engined Ferrari that was sold entirely with a manual transmission, it may even set records of its own.

From the year 2000, this example is in excellent condition. It's a 2-owner car and has had all of its services as required by Ferrari. Current mileage is only 13,500, and it is loaded with top of the line features: Daytona seats with red inserts, 3-way modular wheels, upgraded sound system, and full leather throughout.

In addition this car has the full set of books and tools, which is sometimes hard to find (or easy to lose).

As a daily driver, this may be one of the finest Ferrari's of all time to boot. Nearly 500HP, huge amounts of torque, a fantastic suspension and wonderful driving position.

It's elegant and sporty all at the same time, understated even, not unlike front engined Ferrari V12s from the past.

Only 3700+ cars were made in total, and fewer still came in the most desirable combination of Corso Red exterior and Tan interior.

For more information, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist. 

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