Ferrari F430 F1 (2008)

Ferrari F430 F1 (2008)


The Ferrari F430 was the successor to the Ferrari 360. The 360, like so many Ferrari before and since set a new standard when it was introduced in the late 90's. Until then, no car was ever made quite like it.

The 430 is the evolution and perfection of that idea.

With nearly 500HP, a fabulous F1 transmission, and a gorgeous wedge design, it was an instant classic.

The 430 is an extremely drivable car and easy to maintain. Its a modern Ferrari, but one that doesn't forget its roots. Driving it can be quite comfortable, but hammer the gas, and it feels like the perfect go-cart. Responsive, communicative, fast, amazing breaks, its really really hard to better a 430.

This particular example from 2008 has the ball-polished wheels, the most desirable red/tan color combo, steering with gear indicator lights, upgraded leather throughout including the gorgeous Daytona sets with red inserts, and the HiFi stereo system upgrade.

All books, service records and manuals are intact, and has had new tires recently put on (good for another 12,000 miles).

Definitely a great bang for your buck and could be on the rise within a few years.

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