Fire Agate Power Bracelet

Fire Agate Power Bracelet

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We carry quite a few of the very popular Kundalini bracelets. Not all are knots either, some are beads!

  • Natural Fire Agate Stone 
  • Coconut Shell Beads
  • Olive Nut
  • Unisex
  • High-Resiliency Elastic Silicone cording - stretch, and abrasion resistant, yet highly-regarded for it's comfort.

**All the Beads come from nature, exclusive and Unique, Handpolished by artisans Healthy and Eco.**

Fire agate has a deep connection to the earth and its energy is calming, bringing security and safety. With strong grounding powers, it supports during difficult times. Fire agate has a strong protective function, especially againstill-wishing. Building a protective shield around the body, it returns harm back to its source so that the source understands the harm it is doing.

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