Rolex Submariner 5513 - Meters First, 1967

Rolex Submariner 5513 - Meters First, 1967


Without a doubt, Rolex is the most popular and arguably the most successful watch company in history. Their watches, if nothing else are solid, reliable workhorses. They've also garnered their fair share of criticism (you can read ours here), but if you know which models to buy, from the correct era, and are able to understand the virtues of Rolex (even if Rolex themselves refuse to market in this way), you really can't go wrong. They will last a lifetime!

One such model is the Submariner. Easily the most recognizable Rolex, its the watch that in the beginning, correctly defined the brand and serves as an example of what many of us wish Rolex would go back to.

This particular model is extra special, because its an early 1967 model ref.5513 with the dial that lists the meters first, before feet, hence "meters first" dial. These are far more rare, and in the crazy world of Rolex collecting, that makes all the difference.

The dial is gorgeous and the case couldn't be better (please note the chamfers). The 5513 also was the last Submariner to have the mineral glass and not sapphire. The mineral (or plastic) glass is domed and really adds to the vintage feel. Plus, should anything happen to it that a little polywatch (coming soon to!), can't remove, replacing it won't break the bank at all. This watch has also been well taken care of, a two-owner watch, and running flawlessly. We've got the Thomas Preik sapphire exposition back installed, but as you will see the original back is also included. And thanks to that exposition back, you can see how beautiful and clean the movement is, in this case the Rolex c.1520.

We found a great buckle to match the fabulous strap, one of the nicest vintage-style straps around, and this watch was recently serviced and water tested (although, we'd never drop our Rolex in any water given the plethora of cool G-shocks on the market these days).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help. 

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