Seiko 5 - Stainless Steel and Alligator Strap

Seiko 5 - Stainless Steel and Alligator Strap

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We heavily endorse and recommend and value Seiko as a brand. As has been discussed at length here, they more than deserve our respect. This is especially true when one considers the broad range of watches Seiko makes, adhering to a criteria of "high-end-ness", that many brands from Switzerland, Germany, the US, etc., simply do not do. This is true with their entry level watches, all the way up to their top-of-the-line Credor 2 and Grand Seikos.

We have two brand new Seiko 5 SNX115Ks for sale that we are offering with the standard Oyster type stainless Steel bracelet by Seiko, but also included is a black Alligator Strap that we installed. In fact, while the Oyster bracelet is a very good Oyster bracelet, something happened once we installed the black gator strap. It transformed this watch and really took it to another level.

The black on black, with the stainless Steel hour markers really pops. The exposition caseback also is a nice touch showing off Seiko's 4s26 automatic movement that was entirely developed in-house. The finish is not at the level of their Grand Seikos, but its clean and bright, and at this price is hard to believe.

We installed a stainless steel butterfly deployant on one of the gator straps, and a brand new Hirsch stainless steel buckle on the other. Both beautiful and both really about preference.

Our gator straps are all brand new and handmade in Vietnam by an artisanal family thats been doing it for years. In fact, a small disclaimer: being artisanally made also means each one is literally one of a kind, and that means you will need to work these in a bit. That's not to say they are hard in consistency, they are not, but as is the case with all good leather as one wears it, and the straps forms to your wrist, it really evolves into a spectacular strap.

*NOTE: we've categorized these watches as "vintage", but rest assured these are in fact brand new and never worn. The vintage category is because this particular model is a "vintage model" thats been around for decades, and specifically with the additional straps, which give the watch a much more vintage feel, we really wanted to emphasize that as much as possible. But, again, these are both brand-spanking-new!

As always, we're always happy to answer any questions should you have any.

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