Seiko SRP775

Seiko SRP775


It's no secret that we love Seiko here at There are many reasons why, including the fact they've made some of the coolest dive watches in history. This includes the 6105, 6306, and 6309 models, which featured their famous 'turtle' case.

The 6309 was the last of the series to feature the turtle case and was replaced with the 7002, which eventually led us to the SKX007 today. This meant that if you wanted a turtle case version, you now had to look to the vintage market and there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying vintage. In fact, we promote and recommend buying vintage as much as anything, but when Seiko introduced the SRP line of dive watches as part of their Prospex line, we were thrilled to see the turtle case was back!

Some say it's a re-edition of the 6309, but we see it more as a continuation. It's as if Seiko took a break for a couple decades and suddenly decided to resume production. Now of course, its a parallel line since the SKX007 is a current model as well, but the SRP watches really do feel like they never left. In fact, they are as close as you're gonna get to the 6309. There are some differences to be sure, but esthetically they are minor.

This example is the SRP775 and we went ahead and installed a gorgeous leather vintage-style strap, which really brings out the gold tones on the bezel insert. We are also including the Seiko Rubber strap for when you really want to go swimming with it.

At this price, even at a much higher price, we really challenge anyone to find us a better watch, period. Even the vintage 6309s are now much higher, and remember: today's new watches, especially instant classics like the SRPs, are tomorrows vintage.

  • other strap options such as SS mesh or NATO straps are available if interested, please contact us for more info (until we post them for sale)
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